Songs of Whychus

The Place We Cross the Water

In the spring of 2014, twenty Sisters High School students participated in a writing and visual arts section of our fieldwork. For six weeks, these students spent multiple afternoons writing poetry by Whychus Creek and creating art inspired by their surroundings.  Their poetry was eventually turned into music. The final product is a CD that contains the Songs of Whychus Creek and is enhanced by student-created art.  We would like to thank the Roundhouse Foundation for their support of this project, and Brent Allan for spending many hours in his studio recording and editing with the students. Support this incredible project and the creativity of the students by purchasing a CD with the link below!

Songs of Whychus Creek

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You can also purchase the CD at the following locations: Melvin’s Fir Street Market, Paulina Springs, Hop “N’ Bean, and Mahonia Gardens at the Sisters Farmers Market.

The following students created all of the songs and art for this project: Chris Burdick, Angelo Frack, Laynie Hildebrand, Shawn Horton, Kendra Kemp, Gwen Knoop, Tristan Lewis, Cierra Mann, Natalie Marshall, Keenan O’Hern, Ben Pope, Dani Rudinsky, Yasha Saldi, Connor Schaab, Caylyn Sheldon, Savannah Spear, Cheyenne Sproat, Angela Todd, Dakota Wagner, Riley Warburton, and Angela Williams.