Deschutes River Clean-Up

22nd Annual Deschutes River Clean-Up

Mark your calendars for the 22nd annual Deschutes River Clean-Up, taking place on July 28, 2018.



At the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, we believe that community education is at the core of long-term conservation and watershed protection. With our public awareness campaign, #EnjoyProtectRespect, we seek to raise awareness about impacts to the health of the Deschutes River.

As the population in Bend has been growing and tourism and recreation on and along the Deschutes River has been increasing rapidly, local residents and visitors alike have “discovered” the Deschutes. Every summer, thousands of boaters, stand-up paddlers, floaters, and swimmers flock to the river to recreate. Within a relatively short stretch of the Deschutes, hundreds of recreators can be found on the river on a given day. It was estimated that 240,000 floaters passed through the Old Mill District section of the river during the summer of 2017.  Many of the thousands of individuals who recreate on the Deschutes every summer are loving it to death. Hundreds of pounds of garbage— beer bottles, cell phones, flip flops, keys, wallets—are ending up in the Deschutes every single year. Although the beauty of the mountains is reflected on the sparkling surface of the water, the garbage below is what you don’t see.

The thousands of individuals who are loving the river to death are making choices that are negatively affecting the Deschutes River. We believe that those same individuals can be empowered to make different choices that will have a positive effect on our river. It is our river, let’s keep it natural. Together as a community we can enjoy, protect, and respect the Deschutes River.