Students Speak: A Watershed Summit

Students and community together

Each year, students are given the stage to present the work they’ve done in their watershed over the past year, at the annual event, Students Speak: A Watershed Summit. Students tell their watershed stories through restoration experiences, watershed monitoring results, sketches, photography, writing, and music. The watershed summit is focused on helping students build an understanding of their local environment while developing an enriched and empowered sense of stewardship for their community.

The watershed summit gives students the unique opportunity to share their work and have informed conversations with students of all ages, as well as professionals and community members. It is an empowering day for students, as they feel proud and valued for the work they have accomplished throughout the year.

An important part of the day is the student mandala, which all students take part in. The sand mandala is a Tibetan tradition; a form of art representative of change as the sand used to create the vibrant color and texture is all dusted off at the end of the day. The base outline art for the mandala is done by Sisters High School students, and students of all ages are invited to use the colored sand to fill in the spaces in the mandala and create a unified piece of art during the summit.